LEMO Front Panel for ACQ482ELF high bandwidth applications.

ACQ482ELF is 16 channel simultaneous ADC with a very high quality differential analog front end. Each channel has an oversampling ADC, clocked up to 80MHz. With a front end bandwidth of 10MHz (full power) and 20MHz (small signal), the adc is intended for oversampling applications, in conjunction with high order digital filtering provided on the unit.

The module is built with a "flex-front-panel" construction, allowing a variety of front panels to be fitted.

  • VHDCI : high density connector for low rate operation up to 2.5MHz. We recommend using a 1m cable, perhaps to connect to PTBPANEL or LEMOPANEL.
  • RJ45 : connector uses Cat7 STP cabling, suitable for low rate operation up to 2.5MHz with direct connection to the plant.
  • LEMO-00 : just released, as shown, features an individual coax connector per channel for operation up to the bandwidth limit.
  • MANY other combinations are possible, please ask D-TACQ for details,

Typical combinations:

  • 16 channels in one box: capture data at 50MSPS/channel to local DRAM
    • (512MB standard buffer, 8GB extended buffer).
    • Replaces ACQ216CPCI with higher aggregate sample rate, deeper memory, lower cost.
  • 32 channels in one box: capture data at 30MSPS/channel to DRAM.
  • 48 channels in one box: capture data at 20MSPS/channel to DRAM.
    • Replaces ACQ132CPCI-LFP with higher performance and similar cost.